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My Shelby GT350

Shelby Hertz #955 Sign In or Register to add photos

Shelby Hertz GT 350 #955 was shipped to Muloon Motor Co. (Pensacola, Fl 2/18/66) for dealer prep prior to delivery to Hertz Pensacola, Fl. After rental duty at Hertz Rent-A-Car was completed in 1967, #955 was sold to the first registered owner in Daluth GA, where this Shelby was converted to a 4 speed transmission from its original C-4 automatic. Also, to boost more ponies from the Shelby-rized 289, dual quads were added. This GT 350 terrorized the streets and race tracks in the southern states. After years of use and neglect, especially from humidity and rain, rust took its toll on this Shelby's body. In late 2007 #955 was purchased by the second owner with a mission to revive this GT 350 with a complete rotisserier restoration. A renowned Shleby/Mustang restorer (Chris Agee) in Atlanta GA. area was given the contract. As you can see by the photos, a meticulous restoration back to its original state was completed! Now, as the third owner #955 has been returned to California in 2013...Its birth place: Shelby American Inc, Los Angeles.
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